Pumpkins, Pumpkins & more Pumpkins!! :)

Saturday night after Connor’s party was over, we decided to carve pumpkins. Halloween is in full force at our house. We had such a good time working on the pumpkins. However, Connor was very uninterested in helping with his pumpkin. He was more interested in playing with the toys he got from his party. My MIL, BIL and his girlfriend came over to join in the fun!

Jason taking the top off his pumpkin!
Kristen drawing the face on her pumpkin before she cut it out!!
Robert & Roseann working on their brilliant idea!

Me working on Kendall’s pumpkin! And no, she didn’t help me!
Here they are!! From L to R:
Robert& Roseann’s, Jason’s, Kendall’s and Kristen’s
The pumpkin I carved for Connor. He was really excited it was a pirate!
Kristen, Connor & Kendall with their pumpkins!
Our front porch, Halloween Style!!

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One Response to Pumpkins, Pumpkins & more Pumpkins!! :)

  1. Jenny says:

    what great pumpkins! they turned out great…we just got ours..a 20lb. pumpkin! i think we will be carving ours this weekend.

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