Preview of Halloween!!!

Since we live in Texas and it is NEVER really cold here on Halloween, Mimi & I have been on the look out for costumes that the kiddos would not burn up in. Connor has wanted to be Spider-Man pretty much since November 1, 2007. He decided that was want he wanted and it hasn’t changed at all. Not even once! I think he may be a little hot, but he isn’t really worried about that. So he says!

Jason has wanted Kendall to be a Bumble Bee since last year. I just knew that she would be such a cute one. Until I started looking and the only cute bee costumes are fleece and super HOT. So we opted for a Ladybug. They have this same dress in a bee but this one is by far the cutest of the two. I think she is going to make the cutest Ladybug ever!

Many thanks to Mimi & Papa for getting the kids their costumes for this year. They are going to look absolutely precious in them!!!
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2 Responses to Preview of Halloween!!!

  1. WashburnWife says:

    Adorable!!! I can't wait to see! We are doing Alvin, Simon and Theodore this year!! Yea for The Chipmunks!!!

  2. Tiffany says:

    OMG!! You Hate feet and are already talking about Halloween? Are you my twin? LOL I'm now a loyal reader.

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