A "Whales" of a Time!

Little miss explorer was at it again on Sunday! Jason & I were steadily working on our bathroom that we are redoing! He needed my help holding the flashlight for him because he was working on the faucet under the sink! As I was sitting on the tool box in the hall so I could see the kids playing, Connor yells to me, “Mommy, Kendall has the box of whale crackers!!” I gently asked him if she was eating them. He yells YES!!! Even though I didn’t think much of it I decided to go check on her!

This is what I found as I walked around the couch………

And yes, she was EATING them off of the FLOOR!!!!! All while watching Blues Clues on Noggin!!!
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5 Responses to A "Whales" of a Time!

  1. WashburnWife says:

    That is super funny!! I just love that innocent look on her face! But….Mommy….I was hungry hee hee hee!! LOL!

  2. Carol says:

    I love that my eldest is old enough to tell me what his younger brother is up to.

    She looks so innocent bless her.

  3. Chelle says:

    Too funny!

    Isabella does the same thing while watching Noggin 🙂

    She is a cutie and I am glad you took pics for us!

  4. I love it. To this day we tell my daughter (who's 9) of the “Thin Mint incident” as it's called in our house. We had a box of girl scout cookies on the table which she took upon herself to take each out of the package in a circle around her and each cookie had one bite taken out of it. Classic!

  5. Simply Shannon says:

    Love it.

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