Are you ready for some football?

WE ARE!!!!

Last night Papa & I took the kids to the first high school football scrimmage before the BIG season starts! We had a great time!!! Connor has now become a pro at yelling for the team and Kendall was trying really hard but didn’t quite get it. I am sure by the end of the season she will be a pro just like her big bro!! (Ha! I am a poet and didn’t know it!!) The only thing left to do before the season officially starts is to find Kendall her very first cheerleading outfit and first pair of keds!! Connor has decided he wants a t-shirt like Papa has. That will be easy to find!! They are going to look so cute!!! I can’t wait!

All ready to go!!

Connor really wanted to go onto the field!

Kendall looking so cute!

My babies & me!!

One minute Kendall is watching the game….

Next minute she is trying to climb over the stadium seats via the cup holder! (GASP!)

Connor & Papa!!

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4 Responses to Are you ready for some football?

  1. The Steele's says:

    You all look so cute in your blue and white.

    Go Cats!

  2. amanda says:

    you know what football season means right??


    yipppeee 🙂

    the kids look like they had lots of fun!!

  3. McMommy says:

    Kendall's “jersey” was very cute!

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