Can we play Playdo?

Why yes we can!!!!

That is exactly what we did today! Connor loves playdo. He makes different things with it. Today cutting out shapes was his activity of choice. He made diamonds, circles, stars, flowers and clovers. He wanted to mix the colors together BUT I didn’t let him! They had been mixed once before and I had the hardest time getting them apart! I know, it was probably a little mean of me but I just didn’t want the all messed up. He still had fun with them anyway. Kendall wanted to get in on the action and certainly didn’t understand why she couldn’t. She cried and cried. So I gave her new snack of choice: Mini Nilla Wafers!!! Talk about good. They are awesome and just the right size for her!
Look at all those shapes!
His yellow circle!
All of Connor’s shapes!
Working so hard to make a shape!
Kendall’s new favorite snack!
Kendall with a mouth full of her new favorite snack!

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