14 Months!

Our Sweet Baby Girl is 14 months old today!! I am just in awe of her more and more everyday!! She is the most loving child. She loves to give hugs and kisses. She adores her Mommy and Daddy but secretly I think she adores her Bubba and Sissy more! She has recently learned to run. Sort of! She has a new infatuation with her sunglasses. They are the first accessory of her choosing!!! This month she will get her 1st cheerleading outfit for the upcoming Football season! I can’t wait!

Happy 14 months baby girl!!!

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2 Responses to 14 Months!

  1. amanda says:

    happy, happy 14 months 🙂

    adorable pictures!!

  2. The Steele's says:

    14 months already!

    WOW! I still have her B-day gift!

    She is so CUTE! I love the glasses! Very stylish.

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