Lovin’ on Daddy!

Oh how Miss Kendall LOVES her Daddy!!! They are two peas in a pod!! More and More everyday she is becoming a Daddy’s Girl!! Her new favorite thing is to sit on the couch with him while he is playing a video game or just watching TV! I just love watching them together!! Is there anything sweeter?

Trying to give Daddy kisses!!

Big Hugs!!

Hey Momma!!

She loves Daddy!!

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One Response to Lovin’ on Daddy!

  1. McMommy says:

    Holy moly! I didn't think I was at the right blog for a moment!! Look at your new diggs!! Very NICE! Did you do all this yourself? Wowie! I'm super impressed!

    I think you need to throw yourself a Blog-Warming party! (ha ha! Get it? House Warming/Blog Warming? I crack myself up with my bad jokes.)

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