Splashpad, Last TBall Game & Niece’s Birthday!!

Monday night The Blueclaws had their end of the season party at the Slashpad!!! They had great fun and even got little trophies!!!

Connor had his last TBall game of the season last night!! He did great but he is really sad that it is over. I am more sad than he is though. I loved watching him play!! I think for his first year he did wonderful. I can’t wait for next season!!!

Kendall had fun in her new Red Car buggy she got for her birthday!!!

Yesterday was also my best friends birthday. After the tball game we went out to dinner to celebrate HER!!! We love you Niece!!!!

Oh…and Kendall can now say “Papa”!!

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2 Responses to Splashpad, Last TBall Game & Niece’s Birthday!!

  1. McMommy says:

    Oh, isn't that Red Car Buggy just THE BEST??!! Matty adored his car…and now so does Carter!! We would bring it with us everywhere…they are so much more content to sit in the car rather than a stroller, right?

    by the way, I just LOVE the new blog name and layout!!!

  2. Kristen says:

    Oh the water park looks so great! So fun!

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