A Waffle A Day………

Kendall had her 1st waffle today!!! I am not sure that she really liked it. But since she wanted Connor’s waffles, I decided to make her one of her own!! She won’t have on everyday but it will be a nice treat every now and then!!

Checking out the waffle!!
Taking a bite!!!
This is who received the majority of the waffle!!
Connor and his waffles!!
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3 Responses to A Waffle A Day………

  1. McMommy says:

    How cute is Kendall with her first waffle?!
    My boys also love waffles…we highly recommend the Eggo Banana Bread ones…yum-o!!!!

  2. amanda says:

    oh how i love waffles!! wish i would have read your post before the trip to target…now i might have to go back!!

    kendall sure is a cutie 🙂

  3. The Steele's says:

    Love it!

    We will be at Kendall's Party!!

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