McMommy…This is for you!!!

And for anyone else who didn’t watch American Idol (like me & McMommy)!!!

A sample of David Cook!!!

Don’t want to miss a thing!!

Always be My Baby-I feel sure this will be a single at some point!!

Time of My Life-his first single!!!

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3 Responses to McMommy…This is for you!!!

  1. The Steele's says:

    LOVE IT! YOu even got a picture of Jason! My FAV!!!

    You will become addicted to AI if you start watching next season

  2. American Mum says:

    You know I didn't watch this year (it's a bit harder in England, although possible) but I have to say the top two were fantastic. I think they both did a good job and this David is a good pick!

  3. McMommy says:

    Oh wow!! He's VERY good! Thank you for filling me in on a whole season of American Idol and all I had to do was come visit your blog!! I love being efficient. 🙂

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