Brackston’s 5th Birthday Party!!

Brackston had a wonderful birthday party. There was pizza, cupcakes, presents and a playground. The kids had a blast playing. I can’t believe that Brackston is already 5 yrs old. It just seems like yesterday he was born. He got a special present from his big sister Brittanie. She played Happy Birthday for him on her flute. She did a great job!!!! Kendall had a good time just walking around being free. She did sit and dig in the dirt. She was a little taken aback when everyone started singing but she was ok!!! We had a wonderful time being outside and visiting with our very special friends!!!

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One Response to Brackston’s 5th Birthday Party!!

  1. McMommy says:

    Pizza, cupcakes, presents, and a playground??? PERFECTION!!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Brackston!!

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