Oh Kendall!!!

She loves books!!! However, she also has a fascination with tearing them up. Well, now she has discovered if you touch them with a pen you can draw!!!! Exactly what she was attempting to do in the pictures above!! She is a fast walking girl these days and ALWAYS has to have something in either her hand or her mouth when she is walking!! Not to worry though, we always gently take it out of her hand (like the ball & pen in the pictures above). Then it is followed by the throw myself on the floor, screaming and crying fit!!! So lovely for such a beautiful little lady!!! The video is of her walking. Sorry it is so dark!!!
She plays so quietly in her room by HERSELF. If you go in there to play with her SHE LEAVES. It use to hurt my feelings and worry me but now I know her room is safe and she plays in there very often. Of course, I check on her like every 5 seconds. When she sees me, she gives me this “I am ok” look. It is almost as if she is rolling her eyes at me on the inside since she can’t do that yet!! We are SOOOOOOOO in trouble when she gets older!!!
And She Can Dance!!!!!

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2 Responses to Oh Kendall!!!

  1. Eigna says:

    Yes, you are in trouble….my little peanut was like that (umhhh…spirited)at a very young age and we are dealing with it even more now! I think it is a girl thing! J might disagree though, I think she also has a little boy that falls in that category. 🙂
    Thanks for the comment on the peanut's site. She is a huge blessing! You have a few as well. 🙂

  2. McMommy says:

    I love that she plays in her room by herself! Wow!

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