Fun Friday!!!

We had fun today!!!! We did several different things. First, we made lollipops again. Connor loves making them and this time he insisted that we mix the chocolate. He wanted to just mix them totally together but then they would have just been a light brown. I convinced him that it would look way cooler to do them this way and he agreed. He thinks they are the coolest ones we have made yet. We are going to get some girly molds and make them for Kendall’s birthday party!!!

Connor & I have been working really hard on writing his name. HE DID IT TODAY!!! He was working in his Pre-K book and wanted to give some pages to Mimi, Papa and Nonna. He said they had to have his name on them. So I wrote it first and he copied it. He did so GOOD!!!!

I finally got a picture of Kendall walking. Everytime I snap a picture she is usually on the way down by the time it takes. Not this time!!! She is doing so good. Since she has to really think about walking, she still crawls if she wants to get there fast!!!
(Pay no attention to the dog’s water bowl & the spoon in the back ground. Just before taking this picture she was stirring the water in the bowl and then proceeded to dump all the water onto the floor!!!)

The kids had a good time playing today. Kendall sat in her exersaucer for about 30 minutes playing with her toys that are in the bottom. Connor’s big project of the day was PlayDo. He absolutely loves to play with this stuff. When we got all of it out and organized to play, we realized all the playdo had dried out. He was so bummed but handled it really well. I told him we would get some more real soon!!!

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One Response to Fun Friday!!!

  1. McMommy says:

    Chocolate lollipops–what a great craft idea!! matty would love that! I will have to give that a try!

    And what a big boy Connor is to write his own name!! You must be so proud!

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