Happy 100th Post To Me!!!!!!

This is offically my 100th post. That is so hard to believe. I have so much fun doing this, that it doesn’t seem like I have typed that much!!! Here’s to 100 more!!!!!

In other news at the Bouvier homefront,

Kendall was on another adventure today. She can no longer get into the drawers to get the ziploc bags out, so she opted for the pantry. She successfully found the box of oatmeal and proceeded to empty it. She also found so very appetizing!!! I think she put every bag she pulled out in her mouth for a taste! Now, I guess, it is time to lock up the pantry. Or perhaps, just shut the door. Right now as I am typing this she is getting into the cabinet under the sink! Don’t worry nothing harmful under there!! Tomorrow I will be buying cabinet locks!!!!! She is our little explorer!!! We should’ve named her Dora!!!

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2 Responses to Happy 100th Post To Me!!!!!!

  1. amanda says:

    yeah!! congrats on the big 100 🙂

    love the new header by the way!!

  2. The Steele's says:

    She is so funny!

    It was nice seeing you yesterday. I am glad that you stopped by! At least we are seeing each other again:) It is about time.

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