1st T-Ball Game!!!!!!

Connor had his very 1st T-Ball game tonight. He did so awesome!!!!!! I was a little worried because practices haven’t been going so well for him! But, he got out there and showed all of us that he is really listening in practice and to what Daddy has been teaching him at home!!! Words cannot express how proud I am of him. My little shy guy really stepped up his game and did it rather well!!!! Below are pics from the night. Sorry for so many but I AM ONE PROUD MAMA!!
Mimi and Papa arriving at the game!!
THE BLUECLAWS! Well some of them!
From LtoR: Hunter, Connor, Brackston, Mason and Gavin!

Connor’s first time in a dugout!

Kendall patiently waiting for the game to start!

Wanting the ball!(He is the one with his head down)

Talking to his friend!

Standing next to his coach!

Sitting down because he didn’t get the ball!(#17)

Standing on Second!

Running to third base!!
On third base playing with dirt
On third base!

Running Home!
Kendall eating cheerios! Her snack of choice! Chasing the ball!
He’s #17!! Just kicking dirt!

Connor and Brackston

The Bouvier Bunch (minus Kristen)!
Mimi, Papa, Connor and Kendall
Kendall lounging and clappping for Connor!!!
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One Response to 1st T-Ball Game!!!!!!

  1. The Steele's says:

    How sweet! That gave me goose bumps! What a very special time for you.

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