Cutie Pictures!!!

We have had an event filled week. Starting with Kendall turning 10 months old (see post below), to Kristen coming down for the weekend. Here are some random pictures!!

Here is Kendall just after finishing a banana!! She was very, very sleepy and wiped it all over her face!! It was quite humorous!!
Kendall standing on her own watching tv with Daddy and chewing on her animal book!
Our “Mini Texas Longhorns Fan”!! Her Daddy got it for her when she was little bitty!! I can’t believe that she can already wear it!!
Kendall attacking Connor!! She loves her brother and loves to hug him. However she is alittle aggressive with him at times but he is so good with her! Makes me smile!!
Cutie Connor!!! He has gotten so big!!! Wow is all I can say!
Kendall and Daddy!!! She was not thrilled with having her picture taken as you can tell by the look on her face!

And last but not least. We were outside doing some yard work. When I say yardwork I mean, trying to pull holly bush shrubs out of the ground. Since they have probably been there since like 1979, it was challenging. Needless to say, we got one stump out, the other is still in the ground and one bush was left untouched!! Kristen volunteered to mow the front yard, so Jason recruited her to do the back yard, too!!! Score for him!!!

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One Response to Cutie Pictures!!!

  1. The Steele's says:

    I love all the pictures! Enjoy yard work. We will be doing that tomorrow.

    That for playing the tag game. It was fun to read!

    Have a wonderful weekend. See you Monday.

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