1st T-Ball Practice!!

Connor had his first t-ball practice tonight. He did rather well. He was shy at first and didn’t want to tell anyone his name. But Brackston helped him out and told everyone his name for him!! Once he warmed up to everyone he was ok. It did help that Jason’s friend Cory was there. His girlfriend’s son Gavin is on Connor’s team along with Jeniece’s son Brackston. Connor likes having boys he knows on his team. I am so excited to see him in games. I will post pics as soon as they have one!

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One Response to 1st T-Ball Practice!!

  1. The Steele's says:

    How cute!

    I can't believe how big he is getting.

    I agree with you! We live in the same town and never see each other! Crazy. I am still with out a car, so I will let you know as soon as it is back. We will try for next week. My parents will be here until Tuesday. Have a great week! I can't wait to see you and catch up!

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