BathTime Fun!!

What fun bath time was tonight. Connor was in the bath and Kendall needed one too, so I just stuck her in the tub with him. She had an absolute blast. There was more water in the tub than I usually use for her and she splashed so big and got us all wet. She only stayed in for about 15 minutes though. Just enough time for her to play some, soak alot and be bathed. I am lucky because she doesn’t mind when I wash her hair and poor water over her head. Connor still doesn’t like that. Tomorrow night Connor is going to start learning how to use the shower. He says he can do it now because he is a big boy. We’ll see!!

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One Response to BathTime Fun!!

  1. how fun that bath trumpet looks!!!

    my kids LOVE bathtime too and luckily both my boys don't mind water on their heads either, i have friends who's kids FREAK!!

    Isn't it funny how different kids can be? πŸ˜€

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