YoBaby Yogurt!!!

It is a great feeling to know that there are companies out there who make healthy, organic foods for my children to eat. Con-Man loved this yogurt when he was a baby. He continued to eat it until he was ready to transition to regular “People” yogurt, as he calls it. The original flavors are peach, pear, banana, vanilla, blueberry and apple!!!
Tater Tot has now started on it. She didn’t care for it at first but now loves it as well. They have different flavors now than when Con-Man was little. They also have a plain on to start babies on at 6 months. Tater Tot had this one and didn’t like it by itself so I just added some organic baby food to it to make it tasty. She gobbled it right up. Now she has moved on to the original flavors of banana & vanilla!

You can also get the same yogurt with cereal added into it. Con-Man loved the apple & cereal very much. Tater Tot has not yet gotten to this stage. I know soon that she will be ready for this. I am just hesitant about giving her any type of berry at such a young age. I don’t think she will have any allergies to them but you just never know. These come in apple, mixed berry, lime raspberry and strawberry banana!

They also have drinkable yogurt that you can purchase for toddlers. It can be put in a sippy cur or they can drink it straight from the yogurt bottle!!! They did not have these when Con-Man was a toddler, but I am sure that Tater Tot will be drinking them when she is old enough!!!!

If you are a parent who is looking for fantastic organic foods for you children, don’t hesitate to buy any of these. They are wonderful. I definitely recommend them to everyone!!!
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