Today was the last day of school for my bunch!!!


School drop off for my 1st & 4th graders for the last time!!


It is going to be an awesome summer! We are moving next summer to a new town so we are going to make the most of our last summer in our hometown! We are very excited for our new adventure though!!!

We started off our summer right by busting out of school early!!! Not something I normally do but it was the last day, so why not?!?


Our first official outing was a trip to Chick-Fil-A!! Our favorite place to eat! We met my aunt there & one of her co-workers!! It was a great time!!!!!! She even brought the kids goodies for the end of school!!!


After that is was NAP time! Ok only for Clay but having some rest time wasn’t bad at all!!! Can’t wait for the fun adventures of this summer!! It’s going to be awesome!!

Oh and this girl…..


She turns SEVEN years old tomorrow!!!

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More Exercise

I’ve tried to step up my game in all departments regarding my weightloss! I will say it has been hard since all I have been doing lately its studying for all of the tests I have to take in the next few weeks! Stress helps me make poor food decisions. I mostly do really good a breakfast! Which is odd because I have never been a breakfast eater! Even as a little kid, my Mom says I didn’t like to eat breakfast at all! Just not my favorite meal. I do try hard to eat something. When I feel like making something I usually have this…


It is surprisingly good and super filling! I find that when I eat like this I don’t need a morning snack to get me through to lunch! Exactly how I should eat every morning! But when I don’t eat like this in the morning and have the added stress of 10,000 tests I do stupid things like this…


Krispy Kreme & Dr. Pepper! I was so very tempted to NOT track them at all! Pretending like I didn’t even eat them! Shame on me for thinking that way, so I tracked them. That day I didn’t even care that I ate them because it was just the stress relief I needed to get through my day. Plus, it’s a Krispy Kreme. I mean, who could really NOT eat that if it were placed in front of them. I don’t care who you are, it would get eaten!!!

Since I ate it and felt a tad guilty the day after, I decided to hit the gym hard because lets get real here. I’m tired of being #heftyheather. My new hashtag for myself on Instagram.


I can’t tell you how long I have wanted to not be that & just haven’t really given it the effort it deserved! I know this weight didn’t get put on my body in a day or a week or a month. It all started with my now awesome 10 yr old and the weight I gained with him while pregnant. Then I just didn’t work at all to get it off. Pure laziness on my part completely. And while I don’t like exercising at all (ok secretly I’m starting to like it more 😉 I just feel it’s the much better option than the alternative!!!


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Changed it up a bit!!

For the past several weeks I have been counting points and exercising. I have tried not to use my activity points or my weekly points they give you if you like to indulge every now and again. This has been working for me but I find it easy to “cheat” if you will. Which is perfectly ok to do as long as you count the points for your “cheat”. My problem, I only get 29 points per day. So I am basically eating like a rabbit to not go over. Occasionally I’ll eat something and just conveniently NOT track it. Knowing full well I ate it. This is a HUGE downfall for me.

I am down 5.8 lbs since I started which is great really. That is an average of 1 lbs per week. Right on target for where Weight Watchers want you to be. However, this week I decided to change it up a tad. They have this awesome new start up plan called Simple Start. It is designed for newbies, which I am most certainly not, to ease into the program without feeling so overwhelmed they quit before they even really get started. I can see how the points system could make or break a new person. It’s not that complicated but if you have never done it and are already overwhelmed well…..

The Simple Start program is just that, SIMPLE!! They give you a menu of foods that will last you 2 weeks. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and indulgences!! You can eat off of that menu only or you can choose to eat the power foods they also give you that are “safe” to eat. But the most awesome thing is they give you indulgence points that you can use however you like. You can only have 7 a day BUT that is just enough to get that sweet treat in you crave. For me, that is Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches!! Only 4 points there!! And SO YUM!!!!!

I am excited to see how that Simple Start works! I have only been doing it for 2 full days and I can already tell that I am staying fuller longer. Which is awesome considering I have usually a snacker/grazer! I don’t have to count points except for my indulgences! Another bonus for my busy schedule!!

I can’t wait for Saturday to come around to see how well this has helped my weight loss!!! I suspect it will be bigger that I can even imagine. At least I am hoping so!!

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so far so good!

I have been doing Weight Watchers for 2 weeks now and have been doing great! I am down 4.8lbs as of last Saturday! this time around I can tell that it is easier for me to follow the program. The last time I did this I just did the online version. That doesn’t help me at all. I have nothing to hold me accountable for my actions, food I eat & the scale. I know the scale isn’t everything but it is nice to see it go DOWN! I started going to meetings because I do have that accountability there. I don’t know anyone but I do know that we are all there for the same reason. We LOVE food just a little too much!!

It has taken me so long to get to this point. It sometimes makes me so sad that I let myself be this way for so long. In one week I turn 37! This is going to be the year of ME! I need it to be. I just can’t live like this anymore. I am also so glad that I am taking a weight training class at school. It forces me to workout which is something that I would never do in the past. I just don’t really enjoy it. Now that I have to do it, it helps me do it at home too. I feel guilty if I let too many days pass without working out somehow. That is the awesome part. Now to find exercises that I enjoy that I can also do at home. It is also nice to have a coach that teaches our class who is so willing to help us with anything we need. Mostly, mine is form with the weights. I know some of them thanks to the Hubster, but not all.

At the next weigh-in I am hoping to be down 5+ lbs total! I know that I can do that. I have been tracking ALL of my food so far & it really does work!

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Finally went back!

So, today I went back to Weight Watchers!! It was not a difficult decision for me. It is one of the only things that has worked for me in the past as far as weight loss. I thought about doing it online but last time I did that it was a disaster. I wasn’t being held accountable by anyone so I just didn’t really do the program! Now that I have to go each Saturday to weigh-in I know that I will do much better! Also, I am so tired of being the way I’m being! I have said this so many times before but this time I feel so differently about the whole thing. I mean, I’m not getting any younger and I certainly don’t want to be the way I am right now forever!

It felt nice to be back at a meeting with people that understand the food addiction. YES, I have a food addiction. It is something I have had for many years and it is time to get it under control. Sometimes counting points can get annoying but I know that it works. It really does work! I can track my food on my phone and that is a huge help since I am about to start my last semester of school. Plus, I start my internship next Thursday and it will be so easy to keep my self on track while at the hospital!!

I will start exercising as well. I have a weight training class this semester so I can have a full time status. I know this will help me so much! It is only on Mondays and Wednesdays but it will be a good addition to the exercise I do at home as well!!!

I wasn’t going to start tracking until tomorrow since I didn’t eat great today :/ but I sucked it up and tracked everything I had today! Not the result I was hoping for on my first day but tomorrow is a new day & I will ROCK IT!!! Food choices will be much better and I will plan out my meals instead of just eating spur of the moment!

I have tons of weight to lose but it will be so nice to get to that goal weight I have wanted for so long. This journey is about 10 years in the making. Yes, I know. I’m such a procrastinator. This is something I have vowed to STOP in 2014!


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iPhone Friday!!!

I have been neglecting to share my pictures from my phone! And in all honesty, I take most photos with my phone because I just don’t always have the means to carry my big camera around.

So without further ado………

I have a ton more that I will share soon!!!!

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Prayer are working!!!

Everyone, your prayers are working!!! Baby Graham is holding his own. He is such a little fighter.

The last couple of days that weaned him off his paralytic so they could evaluate his neuro function. Sweet Graham has been resisting the tickling of his feet, gagging when they suction his mouth & squeezing the hand of his Mama! He is on a ventilator as his lungs need to heal so he has also been over breathing that as well. Which just means he is breathing some on his own as well as getting breaths from the ventilator. His rate was turned down yesterday & his oxygen is being weaned as well. I believe now he is at 40%! Which is AMAZING!!!!

This morning, though, he was being too much of a good fighter so they had to put him back on a paralytic to calm him and let his body heal. His Mama’s latest update says the docs are very optimistic & believe that he will have no long term brain trauma from all of this. All of his organs are functioning properly!! Praise Jesus for that good news!!!

Thanks to everyone who has been praying for this sweet boy. I know she really appreciates it! Our other friend, who was also our roommate, & I will be going to see them Wednesday!! I can’t wait to hug her neck & kiss precious Graham!!!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!! Pray for complete healing!

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